Americans need to open their eyes to what’s happening in Europe right now! Their leaders are surrendering to terrorism and just accepting it as a “normal” occurrence in everyday life. We say NO! Doesn’t terrorism win if we accept this violence into our daily lives? France has already surrendered to the regular attacks by ISIS instead of making an effort to fight Islamic terrorism. Do you want your children to accept this for everyday life in America? The end result will be whatever the Islamists want because their goal in this Hijra is to take over the West. The videos below the article are a very frank conversation with a Muslim in the UK who tells you what the end game is and a decryption of Hijra.

BTW-we’ve got many videos of Muslims stating the goal of the Hijra and of terrorism. We hope you’ll share and enlighten others on what the Hijra is and what we need to do to stop it!

French teenagers are to be given lessons in how to survive a terror attack at school following a spate of ISIS atrocities in the country.
When pupils return to school following the summer holidays next month, all those aged 14 and over will be taught basic ‘life-saving’ skills as well as how to stay calm in the event of an attack.
French officials hope the lessons will improve the resilience of youngsters and also train them to have good reactions.

The new measures will also see schools have to hold three bomb threat drills throughout the academic year to ensure they are not ‘taken by surprise’ if an attack does happen.
These will be activated by text message, to ensure they are different from a fire alarm drill.

The new training for pupils and teachers was announced by the French government yesterday in a joint statement from the interior and education ministries.


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