After officials agreed to slash the NYPD’s budget by up to $1 billion earlier this year, crime has skyrocketed. Recent events in the heart of the Big Apple have called attention to the crime wave. In the frightening incident below, police officers were nowhere to be found…

Fifth Avenue in New York City is usually a safe place to travel. These days, with the poor leadership and lack of law and order, it’s a nightmare. What happened on Fifth Avenue and the corner of 21st street on Tuesday afternoon is symbolic of just how out of control the city has become with Bill de Blasio’s poor leadership. It’s like something from the movie ‘The Purge’…

A group of up to 50 teens on bicycles began stopping traffic and then targeted a BMW. A frightening video (see below) shows several teens smashing the car by stomping on the hood and trying to open the doors.

According to The Daily Mail, the car’s driver, Max Torgovnick, expressed his shock and fear at the incident:

‘That’s something like you would see on the streets of a war zone. I never thought New York would get this bad.’

His mother was in the car at the time and believed she was going to be killed:

“We thought we were going to die.”

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The Fourth of July, a time to celebrate our great nation with family and friends, turned tragic for a handful of families as violent protesters and rioters expand into the neighborhoods. At least six children were killed in shootings across the country over the holiday weekend, as reported by CNN. The children, ages 6 to 14, were all shot and killed while doing everyday activities – riding in mom’s car, walking in a mall, and playing in a yard with their cousins.

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Meanwhile, shootings in New York City jumped 205%  after the NYPD disbanded their elite plainclothes unit under the orders of Mayor Bill de Blasio and commissioner Dermot Shea, as previously reported by 100% FED Up. Gun violence substantially increased across the city after the NYPD disbanded its anti-crime unit of plainclothes cops on June 15, with three times as many shootings in the last two weeks of the month over the same period in 2019, police stats show.

(New York Post/Gregory P. Mango)

According to the New York Post, 116 shootings took place in the city since the officers were reassigned on June 15 to July 2, a 205% increase from the same period in 2019 when there were 38 shootings. And the breathtaking rise in gunfire – to 116 incidents from 38 between June 15 and July 2 -meant scores more victims were hurt or killed by bullets this year over last year.

“I feel like we are giving the streets back to the criminals,” said the mother of one shooting victim, whose son was shot just days after the unit was disbanded. “Whatever the problem they have, address it. But don’t disband the unit. Many lives would have been saved. Not just my son.”

One victim, Jomo Glasgow, 35, was gunned down outside a house party in Brooklyn on June 17 — just two days after Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced he was doing away with the unit, a group of 600 officers tasked with preventing violent street crime.

The use of plainclothes officers has caught the media’s attention following the death of George Floyd. “I think it’s time to move forward and change how we police in this city,” said New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. The anti-crime unit was developed out of New York’s Street Crimes Unit, which was founded in 1971 and disbanded in 2002. A federal investigation also found the Street Crimes Unit was allegedly profiling non-white people.

De Blasio — who in 2015 described the anti-crime unit as “elite” — has failed to comment on the 205% increase in shootings since he eliminated $1 billion of funding to the NYPD. But when shootings started to climb last month,  he vowed that “we are not going to allow gun violence to continue to grow in this city.”

Again, Mayor De Blasio – with the support of socialist AOC – have failed their city, yet Democrats and the Leftist Media continue to turn a blind eye and vote for them.

Notice Cuomo does nothing to help.

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