A caravan that started in Honduras (see video below) gained steam and now has reached around 1,000 people. It started a few days ago with hundreds of Hondurans (see below) and picked up people on the way.

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins was able to catch the caravan going through Ciudad Hildago checkpoint in Mexico with ZERO opposition. No Mexican federal agents were stopping them.

“The gates are wide open” – Griff Jenkins, FOX NEWS

Jenkins says he spoke with one person he saw that said they don’t want to confront the people but want them to “feel welcomed”. The problem is that most of them want to go to the U.S. and not stay in Mexico. This is why we desperately need a border wall!

Here’s a tweet describing what’s happening with the 1,000 people:

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Where are the women and children?

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Alberto Pradillo has a Twitter thread of his coverage of the caravan. One statement stands out:

I’m looking at the Rodolfo Robles Bridge. There are also a lot of people lining up. The Central American exodus is immense.


A thousand migrants have crossed the border of Guatemala and Mexico on foot without waiting for the permits offered by Mexico. Here the stragglers jumping the fence.

The new president of Mexico is talking out of both sides of his mouth on whether he supports open borders or not. He has claimed in the past that all who want to come to the U.S. have a right to do so.

The quote below is from a speech last year during the Mexican campaign for president:

During the last caravan of thousands, he claimed to be trying to stop the mass exodus to the U.S. by offering work permits to the caravan members. President Trump should slam Mexico for this move!


President Trump is right again!

A new and bigger caravan is forming in Honduras right now. We have breaking video of the group gathered at the bus station getting ready to depart tomorrow. Video below from Griff Jenkins of Fox News shows several hundred already gathered earlier today ready to depart.

Freelance journalist Sarah Kinosian is following the next caravan to the U.S. She’s reporting that hundreds have already gathered at the local bus station to begin the journey tomorrow from Honduras:

“Here in San Pedro Sula, it’s still unclear how many people are leaving in the next caravan (I’ll head to the terminal tonight), but in small Whatsapp groups, people have started to talk about their plans to head to the terminal for tomorrow’s departure.”

“Video is a little dark, but several hundred people have started to gather at the bus terminal in San Pedro Sula.”

“People have started bringing donated clothes and tamales to start the journey. “Out JOH” calls (referring to President Juan Orlando) break out now and then.”

Kinosian reports that some have already begun to walk;

Fox News is on the ground ready to report on the caravan’s departure in the morning.

Griff Jenkins is on the scene and says this caravan may be larger than the previous one:


Here’s why we think President Trump needs to call a State of Emergency:

This is not a trickle but a flood of illegals trying to cross our border.

The day after President Trump visited the border there was a record number of aprehensions for the year at the border:


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