Noah here, your Editor-In-Chief here at 100PercentFedUp.

Want to know how you’re over the target?

When you start to get attacked and hacked online.

Sadly that just happened to us.

Every day we bring you an email update of all the top news, and we have thousands of people who enjoy that each day.

Today something got hacked and it started sending the same email over and over and over.

I probably got 100 of them myself!

And I know many of you did as well, because, well…I’ve heard from you.

I get it, it’s super annoying.

Even I was annoyed at getting my own email 100 times!

The good news is we’ve stopped the problem and we’re investigating who and what caused it.

We will NOT be intimidated!

Each time we get hacked or attacked online it only tells me we’re doing our job extremely well, printing the TRUTH the MSM doesn’t want you to see!

And we are never going to change.

We’ve survived hacks and attacks before and each time we only get stronger, and we double down on our mission to continue bringing you the truth.

So….my apologies for the multiple emails.

Thank you for the grace in getting through that with us.

We’re all in this together and I’m not intimidated….are you?


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