The radical Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is destroying New York City.

On July 9th, Mayor de Blasio was met with jeers from New Yorkers when he joined a mob of radical leftists, including race-baiter-for-hire Al Sharpton, and other Marxist BLM activists to paint the divisive “BLM” message on the street in front of Trump Tower in New York.

While the mayor remains focused on radical, divisive social issues, including the defunding of cops in NYC, crime is skyrocketing in the far-left city, and wealthy residents are fleeing the city in droves.

Fed up residents and business owners in one Manhattan district are tired of the inaction of city officials who refuse to deal with the growing homeless issue that’s taking over the streets where they work and live.

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The Daily Mail reports:

On July 23 Mayor de Blasio said he would do ‘whatever it takes’ to ‘have it addressed right away’, but the camp has only grown.

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It comes as more than 13,000 homeless people settle into hotels across the city after being removed from homeless shelters to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.

Now, they are living in some luxury hotels in the Garment District and Upper West Side and are terrifying residents. De Blasio says they’ll stay there until there’s a vaccine which could be another six months.

There are also fewer police on the streets since de Blasio and the city council cut the NYPD’s budget by $1billion in response to pressure from BLM activists last month.

Many wealthy residents have fled their homes in fear, taking their disposable income and tax dollars with them. De Blasio waved them off, calling them ‘fair weather friends’ who will be replaced.

President Trump has ordered de Blasio – who stripped $1billion from the NYPD’s budget- to rehire cops.

More than 1,100 cadets who were meant to graduate never did because he evaporated their jobs in response to pressure from BLM activists who wanted to defund the police.

Exasperated residents of Manhattan’s Chelsea district say they are tired of complaining to the authorities about a sprawling homeless camp that has taken root in their midst.

Around 20 people are believed to be living along West 24th Street, on the corner with Sixth Avenue, The New York Post reported. The camp is one block from the landmark Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park.

Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York, promised three weeks ago to resolve the depressing scene but nothing has been done, and locals told the paper that they were fed up.

‘We call 311 so many times and they don’t come,’ said Sam Fernando, a worker at 725 Video.

‘They block the door. I ask them nicely to move and they want to fight,’ he told the paper. They harass the customers. How can you do business in an environment like this?’

Some have constructed makeshift shelters out of flower pots, plastic gates, or shopping carts. Others have claimed doorways to sleep in as their own.

With an estimated 500,000 people have left the city since the pandemic began, abandoned furniture abounds, and homeless people have crafted their own shelters.

Richard Charlton, the owner of Sixth Avenue’s A+ Access Locksmith, agreed that it was harming his business.

‘I have a lot of customers that complain,’ he told the paper.

‘They don’t want to come down this block.’

He said the homeless people begun arriving when the area was shuttered due to the pandemic, and ‘never left’.

‘They just kept on coming,’ he said.


The owner of The Corner Cafe said he has called the police ‘almost 20 to 30 times’ over the past two months for various issues with the encampment.

When the police would respond at all, the homeless simply moved away until the police left, then circled back, he said.

A spokesman for the Department of Social Services, which includes the Department of Homeless Services, said that city agencies have conducted a ‘full clean-up’ at the location twice since de Blasio’s July 23 press briefing.

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