Are you wondering how “free to be me” Hollyweird would react to a Trump hat-wearing person? Well, the video below tells us so much about the intolerance of the supposed “tolerant” Hollywood crowd:

There is a disclaimer to the video by two brave souls…Blaire White and her boyfriend Joey: We never did anything remotely inflammatory or investigative to anyone. The point of this video was simply to wear a conservative symbol in a very liberal area.

This wasn’t so easy…“Make America great again. That’s bullsh*t!” one bystander shouted. “What do they represent? Make America white again.”

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Blaire White who makes YouTube videos for conservatives, eventually runs into more trouble as a random stranger tosses a glass of wine in her face and runs away.

“You definitely can’t wear a Trump hat in Hollywood,” said Joey as the two edit the video later at home.

Sadly, White is one of the many conservative voices who have been demonetized by a YouTube run by progressive ideological thought-police.

We’ve contacted Blaire and hope to hear from her about this. We can’t say enough great things about any American willing to get out there and push back against the intolerance of the left. Go Blaire!

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