Website for “transgender teens” pushes them to get hormones with awful advice

A website titled “Transgender Map” offers “advice” on “how to get hormones as a transgender minor,” including “without help of a parent or guardian” to “young people ages 13 and above.”

Upon first entry to the site, you are greeted with several navigation options aimed at different groups of people, including transgender individuals, those questioning their identity, and supporters. It also offers tabs for “social,” “legal,” and “medical” advice.

The medical advice tab provides the following message:

“Even if you do not think you can start hormones yet, you should think about taking a hormone blocker to make your puberty stop. This is one of the most important things you can do at your age. Try to find a way if you can.”

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This not only encourages teens as young as 13 to begin hormones and, barring that, take puberty blockers but adds a tone of desperation, as if it is essential to do so. These major and potentially dangerous medical decisions are being pushed onto children as if they have no other options, but the site does not stop there.

The site tries to convince young teenagers how to find ways to acquire hormones or puberty blockers without parental or guardian knowledge and consent.

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As a disclaimer, the website states that the only reasons to circumvent the family in seeking medical “aid” are if…

“you might get hurt or killed, kicked out of the house, sent away to: a place run by your faith; a private school; a residential treatment facility; another family member who won’t help you, hurt in terms of money: no more money for education; no money if they die (inheritance); no more allowance or spending money; no more money for activities, forced into non-affirming or religious “therapy”, forced to stop activities (hobbies, sports, etc.), cut off from seeing people who support you.”

Being grounded from hobbies or having your allowance taken away are touted as legitimate reasons to go behind your parents’ backs in seeking dangerous medical treatment.

Each suggestion given after this is either highly dangerous, illegal, or both.

One suggestion for the transgender youth is to have a friend or family member over the age of 18 acquire the medications for them and distribute the medications to them, which is both very much illegal (as the website disclaims), and dangerous as these types of drugs require close medical supervision.

Another suggestion in a similar vein is illegally taking the medication back across the border from Canada or Mexico.

As a side note, if you click the “questioning” link, as an unsure teenager might be inclined to do, it encourages you to transition. Nearly the entirety of the questioning section is dedicated to the “benefits” of transitioning and argues that from “under 10 years old to over 90 years old,” it is “never too late or too early” to transition.

The entire website is not only dangerous but accessible through school resources. One district even has links to the website in their transgender resources project.

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