North Carolina Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn is the real deal. He is speaking out everywhere to say that rejecting the results of a fraudulent 2020 election must be done. It’s for the Constitution. He understands the importance of today.

If there was ever a time to protest an election, now is the time. Democrats have protested the electoral college votes three times in previous years. Those were mere protests. THIS is the real deal and Rep. Madison Cawthorn is showing up for America in a big way. Watch the video below where he’s literally rolling to the White House to protest the vote:

“Heading to the White House to speak on behalf of Donald Trump … We’re doing this for Constitution , It’s for the future of Our Republic , I hope You Stand With Us!”

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Another video:

Rep. Cawthorn spoke to the crowd in DC today:

Video below of Rep. Cawthorn explaining the challenge to the vote:

Crowds have gathered today in support of rejecting the election:

Pray for our Nation! Today is HUGE!

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