Who’s going to pay for the freebies that Hillary has promised the crowds she’s been pandering to? The middle class sits there clapping and supporting Hillary but they’re going to be in the crosshairs when it comes to raising taxes. We already have the HIGHEST CORPORATE TAX RATE IN THE WORLD! Once Hillary taps out the supposed “rich”, she’s coming after the middle class.   Want more taxes imposed on you? Vote for Hillary…

How will Hillary finance a vast expansion of our already oppressively overgrown federal government? By seizing people’s wealth, of course. She’ll start with those who have the most of it:

“I’ll tell you how we’re going to pay for it,” she said Tuesday in Pennsylvania, referring specifically to her economic agenda. “We’re going where the money is.”

When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton is said to have said, “Because that’s where the money is.” Hillary’s mind works identically.

“We are going after the super wealthy, we are going after corporations, we are going after Wall Street so they pay their fair share.”

The USA already has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, which is a major reason for our economic decline:

In today’s globalized world, U.S. corporations are increasingly at a competitive disadvantage. They currently face the highest statutory corporate income tax rate in the world at 39.1 percent. This overall rate is a combination of our 35 percent federal rate and the average rate levied by U.S. states. Corporations headquartered in the 33 other industrialized countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), however, face an average rate of 25 percent. Even corporations in high-tax European countries such as Belgium (34 percent), France (34.4 percent), and Sweden (22 percent) face much lower rates than those in the United States. Our largest trading partners—Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom—have each cut their corporate tax rates over the past few years to become more competitive.


But so long as people who work rather than vote for a living still have shirts on their backs, they have not yet coughed up their “fair share” to greedy, useless, malevolent parasites like Hillary Clinton.

When the “rich” have been cleaned out, the middle class will be where the money is. As in Venezuela or any other socialist country, those among the rich who have the right political connections will escape fleecing; the middle class will not be so fortunate.

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