During a recent gubernatorial debate, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner made a bold statement, saying the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump by the CIA.

Warner, who is a 23-year U.S. Army veteran, positions himself as a “battle-tested leader” on his campaign website.

His military and administrative experiences form a significant part of his gubernatorial campaign.

From Raw Story:

“The election was stolen… it was stolen by the CIA,” said Republican Secretary of State Mac Warner during a debate on Thursday night that was first reported by Metro News of West Virginia.

He cited some testimony and a suspicion that there was collusion to “sell a lie to the American people for the purposes of throwing the presidential election.”

Warner not only called out the CIA, but said that the “FBI covers it up.”

He cited testimony by former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] Mike Morrell before Jim Jordan’s House Judiciary Committee as proof that there was collusion to prevent President Donald Trump from securing a second term.

Morell explained under oath that a Biden campaign senior adviser (who later became Secretary of State Antony Blinken had discussed a report about Hunter Biden’s laptop two days prior to releasing an Oct. 19, 2020, statement from 51 former intelligence officials suggesting the story may have been tainted by a Russian disinformation campaign.

Other candidates in the debate were more reticent to make the stolen election claims, and were even complimentary of Warner.

When asked if the election was stolen like Warner claimed, businessman Chris Miller said “possibly,” according to Metro News of West Virginia.

Warner has been consistent in his stance that the election was stolen.

From Metro News:

For Warner, who has served as West Virginia’s Secretary of State since 2017, the claim was a variation on a consistent public position of casting doubt on the presidential election.

Warner is now vying to become West Virginia’s chief executive, touting his long record in the U.S. Army and his two terms as the state’s chief elections officer. Polls have shown him running behind some of the other candidates, but he has picked up a key endorsement from the former president’s orbit and hopes for more.

Following the 2020 election, Warner participated in a March for Trump rally and appeared in the backdrop of Right Side Broadcasting coverage holding up a “Stop the Steal” sign. At that point, he questioned voting methods in some states.


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