It’s hard to see your tax dollars going towards ad campaigns like the one that the NYC Health Department spent money on:

A very tasteless gay sex Public Service Announcement (PSA) that warns against putting your tongue in the most disgusting place possible when diarrhea is involved. No, we’re not making this up. There really are some things that are better left unsaid, and this is one of them!

The NYC Health Department’s “getting a little tongue in cheek?” ad campaign, which ran on dating sites for gay men in the summer of 2018, popped back up on social media Thursday…A spokesman for the NYC Health Department said this was done out of concern for New Yorkers who were seeing a spike in Hepatitis A.

The bulletin warns that infections can spread during different types of “ass play”.

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The ad gives information on where to get a Hepatitis A shot.

If we needed more proof that NYC has sunk to a new low, this is it!

Patrick Gallahue’s role as a spokesman for the NYC Health Department shows a focus on AIDS prevention, drug overdose prevention, and STD prevention. Sprinkled in are a few messages about food stamps. The Health Department in NYC is more about everything but HEALTH.

While the gay sex without diarrhea ad was published, there is also an effort to stop the rise of sexually transmitted diseases. ‘Quickie Labs’ where a test for an STD can be done are popping up in the city.

Plenty of degenerative behavior is on display at WhatIsNewYork on Instagram.


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