Creepy Joe Biden has been dealing with criticism over the groping of young girls, boys, and women for much of his career.

The issue of sexual assault came up when during his presidential campaign, Biden’s former Senate staffer Tara Reade came forward with credible allegations of sexual assault by her former boss. As was the case with the multiple sexual harassments and sexual assault allegations against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat Party ignored her and the media buried her story.

Yesterday, in a stunning press conference, NY AG Tish James announced that she believes the allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment by multiple women against NY Governor Cuomo are true.


As expected, Governor Cuomo who believes the laws are for the little people and not for the liberal Democrat elite, refused to step down, even after NYC’s communist mayor and other leftists suggested the time has come to do the right thing.

White House barrier and spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked today if Joe Biden is planning to call the elitist governor and pressure him to resign?

the White House reporter asked, “On the Governor Cuomo issue—If this is potentially such a stain on the party—the president as the leader of the party—why not pick up the phone and ask him to resign at this point?”

The White House press secretary responded, “I think the president was pretty clear publicly. He asked him to resign yesterday.”

The reporter asked, “No plans to call him?”

Psaki responded, “No plans to call him to preview, no.”

There are no plans to call Cuomo because for decades, no matter how large the crime, Democrats have managed, with the help of the dishonest mainstream media to sweep multiple crimes like the ones Cuomo alleged committed, under the rug.

They know they can’t afford to show any fissures in the party unity and this particular issue is not an exception to their rule.

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