“Today more than 300 people, according to the FBI, who came here as refugees are under an FBI investigation” – AG Jeff Sessions

President Trump signed a new Executive order but the bigger news that came out of this is that the FBI is currently investigating 300 refugees for terror.

Unnamed spokesman at DHS:

“The salient fact here is that there are 300 individuals admitted and welcomed to the United States in the refugee admissions program who either infiltrated with hostile intent or who radicalized after admission to the United States,” he said.

300 refugees already in the U.S. are under investigation for possible links to terror, FBI reveals pic.twitter.com/wVnKNixEr6

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I stumbled upon just one example of so many cases of someone who’s wanted for terror threats…they’re currently looking for this guy! WHO KNOWS IF THIS GUY IS ON THE LIST OF THE 300 or if he’s a refugee.

PENNSYLVANIA (WBRE/WYOU)- State police in Montoursville need your help finding a wanted man.

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The man in this photo is 30-year-old Hakiem Price. He’s wanted for assault and terroristic threats, among other things.

If you know Price’s whereabouts, call State Police at Montoursville.


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