CNN’s Ana Navarro becomes totally unhinged in an attack on president Trump and one of his advisers. Her on-air tirade is so unhinged that the co-hosts just sit there in shock. The irony is that she speaks in hateful terms of Trump while claiming he’s going to cause someone to harm the news media. That’s pretty funny since she said nothing when a play depicting Trump being assassinated was all over the news…and that Kathy Griffin ‘beheaded Trump too! This woman is supposed to be a “Republican strategist”???

The Republican party sure has some work to do to call out this supposed “Republican strategist” for being a total fraud! She just tweeted this morning that she will never accept Trump as her President. Well, it’s going to be a looong 8 years for this political fraudster!

Did she forget about all of the past Presidential moves that were much, much more offensive….Bill Clinton? No, she won’t mention that sexual deviant because the truth is that Navarro is a DEMOCRAT!

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Get this woman off of the cable shows as someone speaking on behalf of the Republican Party!

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