Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward is fighting hard to bring the truth about the November election to the American people from a state that helped to put Joe Biden into the White House with a flimsy .3% advantage in the overall vote totals.

Last night, Dr. Ward, who’s been very involved in the ongoing Maricopa County audit, dropped a bombshell tweet that included a photo to show exactly what she’s talking about:
These are the servers for the Maricopa Co elections. The external drives that were loaded w/ nightly early vote totals are circled. Scott Jarrett said they were taken to an offsite “undisclosed location” nightly “for safety” by an employee or a Dominion contractor working for MC.🤔

On December 14, the Washington Times reported that Scott Jarrett, the director of Election Day for Maricopa County, told Arizona’s Senate Judiciary Committee Monday the election was fair, dispelling accusations about widespread voter fraud or machine errors.

Mr. Jarrett said the turnout was higher than its been in 50 years for the battleground state’s largest county, but he pushed back against accusations from pro-Trump lawyers and advocates that poll observers were kept out of the counting centers.

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Mr. Jarrett also told the lawmakers recounts have verified that the tabulation machines were accurate in counting votes and pushed back against any allegations that using Sharpies disqualified votes.

Did Mr. Jarrett just find out about the external drives being moved every night to a “safe” location? It certainly is difficult to believe that the director of Election Day for Maricopa County knew about the external drives being transported to an “undisclosed” location every night—yet, he still referred to Arizona’s November election as “fair” or “accurate” in December.

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