Earlier today, Joe Biden spoke in the Rose Garden at an event honoring the 31st anniversary of the American’s Disabilities Act.

During his speech, Biden began to rattle off the names of the members of Congress who were in attendance. Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly, as he read the names from the teleprompter until suddenly, he appeared to lose track of where he left off on the list of names.

“Chairman Leahy, Leader McCarthy, Senator Casey, Congressman Scott…

Biden stumbled, then punted…

Congressman—where is he? There he is—Paul.

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You understand this better than anybody—and I want to thank you all for being here.

Second, and by the way, where’s mom? 


Is she here?

Oh, she’s watching.

Ok, I thought she was _______(unintelligible mumbling) mom is watching.

I was gonna ask her to stand up—but ‘Mom, you can’t stand up if you’re home.'”

Watch the incredible bumble here:

This wasn’t the first time Joe Biden foolishly told someone in the audience to “stand up.”

In 2012, Joe Biden asked paraplegic Senator Chuck Graham to “stand up!”

Stand up, Chuck! Joe demanded, during a campaign speech for Barack Obama.

Oh, God love ya! What am I talking about? Joe said, as he tried to recover from the embarrassment of demanding the wheelchari-bound politician stand.

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