Parts of New York City went black tonight leaving the city at a standstill.

Times Square, the subway and restaurants all went black…Over 40 thousand New Yorkers were suddenly without power.

This is a big deal, right?

Well, the Mayor of NYC isn’t planning on rushing back to Gotham. He’s too busy campaigning in Waterloo, Iowa to mess with the NYC blackout.

Angry New Yorkers weren’t too pleased with the absentee mayor:

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“Being out of town is not a big deal if he’s on vacation. But, he’s on a full-time search for another job. That’s why it’s a big deal. Get it?”

“The NYC Mayor is a clown. Mayor of NYC is the best job he will ever have and he shuns it for a Quixotic run at the presidency- shame!”

There were those who suggested that the mayor step down during his candidacy for president in 2020: “He really needs to step down while running for President. Or just not run since he can’t win anyway.”

de Blasio comments from over 1,000 miles away:

NYC mayor: “Blackout is between W 42nd St and 72nd St … NYPD has confirmed that there’s no foul play. This was a mechanical issue. NYPD & FDNY is currently responding to people with the most urgent needs, especially those stuck in elevators.”

Speaking of people stuck in elevators:

New Yorkers responded:

“Worst mayor ever”

“Captain Useless…lurch of nyc”

Pedestrians directed traffic…that’s a brave New Yorker!


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