The left’s strategy from day one of the Trump presidency has been Russia, Russia, Russia…It turns out they have it all wrong!

A new GALLUP poll sets the record straight on what Americans really care about. Russia is way down on the list!  Immigration tops the list! Dissatisfaction with government is number two and then the numbers drop significantly.


Did anyone else notice that all of a sudden this afternoon the media blitz flipped from attacking President Trump and his handling of the Russia Summit to tabloid fodder of payoffs to Playboy Bunnies?  The latest coordinated news bombshell is all about a sex scandal regarding President Trump’s lawyer recording a discussion about a supposed possible payoff to a woman that Trump had an affair with. We’ve been there and done that with this Playboy Bunny story a while back but it just resurfaced.

The press is moving from one thing to the next to see if any scandal will stick to Trump. Little do they know, we are so fed up with them. It’s day in and day out with the effort to destroy our president. Does anyone care about someone’s private sex life or even believe half of what’s being said? No, they don’t. The lapdog media just keeps on pushing a false narrative that’s losing more and more viewers. CNN just recently lost out in ratings to Spongebob Squarepants!


Could the sudden pivot today have been the latest news about a Gallup poll that told the media and the left what most Americans already know? WE DON’T BELIEVE THEM ON RUSSIA AND WE’RE 100% FED UP WITH THE LIES ABOUT TRUMP COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA!

CHECK THIS OUT: The poll asked about over forty different issues that could affect the country. The number of respondents who said that the “situation with Russia” was the biggest issue facing the country was “literally too small to represent with a number,” according to reporters.


We hope that this witch hunt will come to an end soon and the American people can get on without the constant drip, drip, drip of ridiculousness from the corrupt intel leaders bashing President Trump.


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