How hate-filled and delusional is MSNBC’s Joy Reid? Very!

During commentary about the border, Reid mocked Governor Kristi Noem for sending help to the border and had the gall to call the crisis “nonexistent.” The seething commentary shows how delusional and out of touch Reid is and how damaging she is to real journalists who actually have something important to report. Reid is all about spewing hate and propaganda for the few people who still watch her.

She targets Governors Noem, DeSantis, and Abbott and then calls President Trump an “Orange Julius Caesar”…

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Can so-called news readers stoop any lower? Reid’s show has tanked, and she was recently slammed for her interview with Manhattan Institute’s Chris Rufo where she wouldn’t even let him speak during an interview.

Rufo commented on the interview during a segment on Fox Business with Stuart Varney:

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