When life gives you lemons, then you hire them and put them on a CNN show! It sure seems like CNN has their handsful with Don Lemon and his guest who discussed the anti-white tweets made by New York Time’s latest hire, Sarah Jeong. This all happened in a video segment during Lemon’s panel in which Symone Sanders, Democratic strategist, was talking about the Tweets and the racism involved, yet it appears as though she supports Jeong and her Tweets by suggesting it wasn’t racist because racism, according to her is ‘prejudice plus power.’

STOP RIGHT THERE!!!! Let’s dig into this a little bit further before showing you the video that might make you cringe hard enough a lemon pops out. You might need to bite into a blanket for this one.

Sanders and Lemon make a hilarious tag-team as they enjoy their jobs, but this video might raise some alarming flags that even the most oblivious person might have to call out. You don’t have to be right-wing or left-wing to see the obvious racism in Jeong’s Tweets who were targeting white people. It was obvious what she was saying, and to say she was being anything but racist is certainly a joke. She was clearly being racist when she said things like “#CancelWhitePeople” or any of the other tweets exposed by Twitter user “Garbage Human” who anonymously posted a handful of her most racially charged messages.


When it comes to racism, it’s obvious to see these messages certainly aren’t very friendly.

When Don Lemon had Symone Sanders on his show, that’s when things became more hilarious in the most obnoxious way possible thanks to Sanders.

Here’s the video for your enjoyment.


The Daily Wire provided this transcription of the show:

“SANDERS: First of all, I think it’s important to note that these tweets were dug up by a right-wing — it’s not even conservative — right-wingers, people who identify with the white supremacist ideology, and they were taken out of context.

That being said, I subscribe to the notion that I don’t tweet, write, or email anything that I don’t want splashed across the pages of The New York Times.

LEMON: Does it matter who dug them up?

SANDERS: No, but I think it matters that it’s selective. That’s what I’m saying, and so some of the tweets are taken out of context. I think in Sarah’s explanation, she noted that some of it was counter-trolling. Would I have written anything like that? Absolutely not, but it’s not racist for this reason — one, Don, racism, being racist is not just prejudice, it’s prejudice plus power. So, one could argue that some of her tweets, even within context, note that she has a prejudice perhaps against white men, but that, in fact, does not make her racist. I don’t think she’s a racist; I absolutely think we are conflating two conversations.

LEMON: Does it make her a bigot?

SANDERS: No, I don’t think it makes her a bigot either. Again, I think you have to look at the tweets within the context. Could she be prejudiced? Could she have some, not just implicit, but negative bias toward white men in America due to perhaps what she’s experienced throughout her life? Probably, absolutely. Does that mean though that she is in fact racist? No, because [racism] is prejudice plus power.”

Hold up! Racism is prejudice plus power? Actually, racist people don’t need power to be racist. Anyone can be racist no matter how much power, or lack of, they have. You can be a broken homeless person with zero power and still be racist. You can be the most powerful person in the world and still be racist. Racism is not attached to power, therefore Symone Sanders is wrong. It seems like she’s just saying that to defend someone’s obvious racism. Why does someone need power to be racist? Does this mean that a poor white guy who is in the KKK isn’t racist anymore because they don’t have power? Does this mean a black person who doesn’t have a high paying job can’t be racist? Absolutely not. Anyone can be racist, regardless of their job or amount of power they have.

It’s easy – racism is racism and anyone can be racist.

Daily Wire continued: “Over time, the progressive movement has carefully augmented the definition of racism so as to protect individuals who share their political and social beliefs from ever being labeled a racist.

While Merriam-Webster defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,” progressives add to this definition a dynamic of power.

To progressives, an individual or group cannot be racist if they are not in a position of power. Thus, Sarah Jeong cannot be racist against white people because she is not a dominant player in the American racial landscape.

Such an argument is incoherent. If racism is characterized by power, then it is also transmutable, and what is considered “racist” is entirely dependent on location.

By progressive logic, a white person uttering anti-Asian slurs could only be considered a racist if he did so in a white-majority nation like the United States. Were this man to utter the exact same slurs in an Asian-majority nation, he would no longer be a racist because he is no longer among the dominant race.

The definition of racism is straightforward; to augment it for the benefit of one’s political allies is intellectually dishonest.”

What Symone Sanders said is disturbing and she just protected a woman who was being racist.

Someone please call Sanders and let her know she just defended a racist, and by doing so, it might mean she’s a racist too.

Of course, you can have your own opinion of this. It’s America still, right?


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