FBI Director James Comey was literally destroyed today in his testimony on the Hill. What’s even more damaging is the information about Hillary Clinton and her staff that Comey simply let go with no punishment at all. During the series of questions, Comey took heat from Gowdy, Jordan and other Republican Congressman. Out of all the testimony, the one comment that stuck out was the one regarding classified information. Comey commented that he felt like Clinton wasn’t ‘sophisticated’ with classified information. In other words, she had no idea what the letter ‘C’ was on a classified document! Are these government employees not trained on how to handle sensitive information? PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW THIS WOMAN COULD ASK FOR YOUR VOTE YET ISN’T ‘SOPHISTICATED’ ENOUGH TO KNOW WHAT’S CLASSIFIED? She wants the American people to TRUST her with our safety and security? No, Never! If this woman is unable to handle this then she’s a danger to us!

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