The video below will have you asking the question: What free speech? This is a perfect example of why President Trump is pursuing an executive order to withdraw federal grants from any college suppressing free speech.

A College Republicans event was singlehandedly shut down by a leftist with a bell. No, we’re not kidding! The video is maddening because the police and people at the event do nothing to help a guy who was just trying to stand at a lectern and speak to a group.

Michael Strickland is a conservative blogger who was invited by the College Republicans to speak but was harassed and drowned out.

Andy Ngo tweeted out videos from the event:

Last night, College Republicans invited conservative blogger Michael Strickland to Portland State. The event got shut down by an anarchist who came with a bell. Strickland was to speak about his conviction related to him brandishing a gun at a mob who surrounded him at a 2016 BLM protest.

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One anarchist Antifa disruptor with a bell was able to shut down the Michael Strickland Portland State College Republicans speech as soon as the event began. Campus police & admin were there but just stood & watched. They said they couldn’t do anything about the disrupter.

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The speaker attempted to give his speech via live stream but was drowned out again:

After the event, BLM & open borders flyers were posted all over @Portland_State. For the record, I was a witness to the ‘16 incident that blogger Strickland was convicted over. I saw angry protesters w/sticks surround & move him out of the BLM protest before he brandished his pistol.

The radicals in the US are winning the battle so far, but the silent majority will win the war. We won’t be using bells to win.

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