Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been an important part of climate change discourse in both America and across the world, with many liberals looking up to her for speaking out about climate change at such a young age, while conservatives mock her as petulant and inexperienced.

Now, the 20-year-old who has not even finished a bachelor’s degree has been awarded an honorary doctorate in Theology by the University of Helsinki in Finland.

While the University of Helsinki claimed that they are awarding her the honorary doctorate due to her commitment to ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom, people on Twitter remarked that it confirms that climate change is a religion to its hardcore proponents.

“Of course Greta Thunberg is getting an honorary doctorate in theology. Because what she’s selling is a religion,” wrote Claremont fellow Megan Basham.

Thunberg has received less media attention over the last year, though she was involved in a climate protest earlier this year in Germany, where she was arrested.

Videos and pictures from the protest led many to allege that her arrest was staged.

The Post Millenial Reports

The Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki has awarded Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg an honorary doctorate. The educational institution made the announcement on its website, stating that Professor Martti Nissinen intended to expand the faculty’s perspective on human rights.

In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, Professor Nissinen said, “By selecting Greta as an honorary doctor, we are expressing our desire to be as brave and impactful as she is.” The honorary degree was granted to a total of 30 individuals from various parts of the world this year.

In a statement, Nissinen said that 2023 marks the “centenary of the passing of the Freedom of Religion Act in Finland,” and that “Taking this as inspiration, we have chosen Freedom as the theme of the conferment ceremony at the Faculty of Theology.”

“The theme encompasses religious freedom, human rights and the state of the world, topics manifested in the selection of individuals due conferral of honorary doctorates and heard in the speeches given at various stages of the conferment festivities,” he added.

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