Imagine if California Democrats cared as much about erasing homelessness and feces on their streets as they cared about erasing wrinkles and injecting botox into their faces? On Monday, photo images of former Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris went viral via Twitter. On Saturday night, Senator Harris (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC to discuss late Congressman John Lewis, but instead everyone was talking about her “new” face.

Did Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgeon get ahold of Kamala? Is anyone’s face safe anymore in California?

The rumors swirled immediately after Harris appeared on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show. Even Sharpton looked shocked by Harris’ frozen forehead and bizarre facial expression, where she repeatedly pinched her eyes and made a sinister smile.


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Kamala’s cosmetic work fueled rumors that she may be Biden’s VP pick. Twitter mocked Harris — not because she may have gotten plastic surgery, but because she looked menacing and demonic. At one point, the white part of her eyes looked totally black and her forced smile looked diabolical and chilling.

One person tweeted: “What happened to Kamala Harris’ face? Did she go to the Joker’s plastic surgeon?”

Another remarked: “I need to conduct an investigation into what the hell happened to Kamala Harris face. Botched plastic surgery as she vies for VP slot?”

“Is this even you, Kamala? What happened to your eyes and face,” one tweeted.

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