Are white people the only people in the world who have special privileges because of the color of their skin? Caolon Robertson of Rebel Media takes the highly charged topic of race and explores the generalizations that other races are able make ONLY about white people, and how white people are just supposed to sit back and nod their heads in agreement for fear of being called “racists” if they disagree. Robertson turns the “white privilege” narrative around, asking his viewers to consider the very real existence of “black privilege”. Is he correct or is he wrong?

“Black privilege is being able to take pride in your race without fear of persecution.” 

In the video, Robertson starts out by saying, “Race relations in the West are at an all time low and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.” He claims that while he was a student at the university, other students were constantly bringing up “white privilege” during lectures and there could be no defense for against their position if you were white. Robertson says he found a post on social media that really resonated with him after being shamed for allegedly abusing his “white privilege,” so he used it to make this video where he explains what “black privilege” is. His goal is to get past this “divisive bullshit” and come together as westerners.


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