What in the world! How can the “authorities” just walk away from this unlocked home of a terrorist and allow reporters to have open access to his home and his belongings? This is unbelievable! San Bernardino all over again…

Mateen’s apartment was in messy condition, which ABC captioned as due to the police’s search of the place for evidence. Clothes and toys were strewn throughout the master bedroom, and Aguilar took note of their personal effects before filming two unknown pamphlets and an expired firearm license inside the kitchen.

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The Daily Mail also had their own footage from inside Mateen’s apartment, which was featured in a piece they released yesterday. Rick Wiles made this a focus of discussion with his TRUNEWS colleagues, where they remarked that not only was the the apartment clearly not secure by the police, but that there were other reporters who touched things when they went inside.


Via: Mediaite

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