Hillary spoke to a very small group of students at Temple University. With a total student population of just under 38,000, her estimated crowd of 300 would be considered by most, to be a total bust. Unfit Hillary wasn’t about to let 37,700 disinterested students stand in the way of addressing 300 paid plants  students about the benefits of a taxpayer funded education or a President who is willing, on behalf of the American taxpayer, to forgive their debts

What the heck is Hillary hiding now? What is going on with her eyes in this video?  

We looked into symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s Disease and here’s what we found:

Visual motor symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s Disease:

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• Some vision difficulties are related to changes in the movement of the eyeball. These are motor symptoms, similar to other motor symptoms caused by loss of dopamine neurons. 

• Blurred or double vision, and eye strain, because the eyes may have trouble moving together to focus on things traveling toward or away from a person

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• Trouble reading, because the eye movements needed to follow the lines of a page are slowed and have trouble starting (similar to gait freezing in the legs)

• A person with PD may need to blink in order to change eye position; levodopa can help

Let’s put the eye issue aside for a moment and let’s examine why Hillary has chosen to talk to this crowd of adults like they’re a two year old sitting on her lap, while she reads them a bed-time book? No wonder millennials are leaving her in droves. She’s not just a liar, she’a a condescending liar as well. She doesn’t have enough faith in these young adults to consider they may care about our national security or about getting a good paying job out of college. Her only concern seems to be how to woo them with the free sh*t vote her former opponent Bernie Sanders used to build his base.

As The Gateway Pundit reported – Hillary was given assistance getting up the stairs to get to the stage.
She needed help.



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