Conservatives were elated in the days after Elon Musk finally acquired Twitter and began to take actions that were encouraging to users who have been censored by the social media giant.

In his first days as the owner of Twitter, Musk began firing Twitter’s board of directors, making himself the sole director.

He also fired CEO Parag Agrawal and Twitter’s director of Trust and Safety, Vijaya Gadde, who was a leading figure responsible for Twitter’s biased moderation policies.

After first steps that seemed to be going in a positive direction, Musk met with leaders from the NAACP and ADL, who have been top proponents of censorship on social media.

He agreed that he would restore Twitter’s content moderation tools after initially limiting access to them for Twitter employees.

He also said that he would wait at least three weeks to restore suspended or banned accounts until a formal process was decided upon.

Breitbart Reports

During a Zoom meeting with the heads of some of the country’s leading leftist organizations, including the NAACP, Color of Change, and the ADL, Musk committed to restoring access to the tools.

Civil rights organizations raised worries about Musk’s plan to eliminate censorship on the platform and restore the accounts of users who had been expelled. According to Bloomberg, Twitter recently limited the number of people with access to the dashboard of tools that the Trust and Safety team utilizes to enforce policy actions.

Breitbart News recently reported that following Musk’s recent announcement that Twitter would be unbanning a number of blacklisted users, he has since stated that they won’t be allowed to return to the platform for “at least a few more weeks,” or in other words, until after the midterm elections have passed.

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