The speech from President Trump at the Governor’s Ball follows the photos and is worth the time because he speaks about the dismantling of Obamacare in the coming week…Great! 


As Hollywood had its big night at The Oscars, Donald and Melania Trump hosted their own black-tie affair.


The Trumps chose the theme “Spring’s Renewal” for the annual Governors Ball, which took place at the White House on February 26, coincidentally during The Oscars.




The White House announced the theme of the dinner earlier in the day, saying that the mansion has “come to life, gleaming with the dazzling, senorial experience of eternal spring.”


During his speech, Donald touched on health care and was optimistic about a replacement to Obamacare and previewed his address to Congress on February 28.


Just an FYI: We can’t figure out why the White House videographer did such a horrible job in videotaping this. They don’t have a tripod?

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