As the United States has already committed over $100 billion in both lethal and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the Pentagon said that it made a ‘mistake’ on Tuesday that resulted in Ukraine receiving $6 billion additional dollars beyond what it was allocated by Congress.

Biden Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said that the accounting errors were due to the value of equipment sent to Ukraine being ‘overestimated’.

Most of Congress and the Senate on both sides of the aisle have stubbornly resisted an audit of the lethal and humanitarian aid going to Ukraine.

Rep. Kathy Manning (D-N.C.) called the proposal a ‘partisan political ploy’ and said that auditing US aid to Ukraine would be a ‘gift to Putin and his Kremlin cronies’.

Recently, a Senior Ukrainian official admitted that the country lacks the capacity to process and ‘absorb’ the tens of billions of dollars in aid it is receiving from Western countries.

“It is about the capacity to work with this amount of money,” said Mustafa Nayyem, the head of the Ukraine State Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure Development.

Ukraine has regularly been ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and, sometimes, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to international monitors such as Transparency International.

Still, the Biden administration has pledged unconditional support to Ukraine as it embarks on a counteroffensive against Russia, hoping to regain lost territory after Ukraine was defeated in Bakhmut.

The Post Millenial Reports

On Tuesday, the Pentagon announced that Ukraine was provided with an additional $6.2 billion of US taxpayers’ money due to an accounting error that had been discovered in records pertaining to the United States’ shipments of weapons to Ukraine.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh made the announcement during a press brief in which she explained that the accounting errors happened in a “significant number of cases” that resulted in overestimating the value of equipment drawn down from US stocks, and said that Biden administration employees received further training to prevent future mishaps.

“During the department’s regular oversight of our execution of presidential drawdown authority for Ukraine, we discovered inconsistencies in equipment valuation for Ukraine.” Singh Said

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