On Friday morning at 2:30 am, an attacker allegedly broke into Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s $6 million San Francisco mansion. According to police reports, Nancy’s husband, 82-yr-old Paul Pelosi, called 911 to report the incident.

David DePape, who appears to be a mentally unstable individual, has been identified as the person who broke into the Pelosi home, allegedly through a sliding glass door. When the police arrived, DePape was standing in his underwear.

And while the leftist media would like to portray this man as a Trump following white, Christian, conservative, he also posted long rants about religion, saying ‘Jesus is the antichrist.’ But, of course, a conservative Christian would believe such a statement is blasphemous.

DePape’s home in Berkeley is dubbed a “hippie collective,” according to neighbors. Beyond that, not much more is yet known about the young man with the rainbow (gay) flag hanging from the front of his home in Berkeley, CA.

So is DePape gay? And why was he standing in his underwear in Pelosi’s home next to Paul Pelosi? And while we’re asking questions, who was the person inside Paul Pelosi’s vehicle when he was arrested for a DUI several months ago?

The home where DePape allegedly lives also had the typical leftist virtue-signaling messages, like “Black Lives Matter” and “Berkeley Stands UNITED Against Hate.”

Conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams tweeted what many Americans are thinking:

This Pelosi story is getting weird. Paul Pelosi & his attacker were half-naked when the police showed up.

They were both in their underwear.


And how did somebody randomly get into the mansion of the person 3rd in line to the presidency?

Where was Nancy Pelosi


The Daily Mail explains-The operator could then be heard contacting police dispatch describing the incident: ‘He states there is a male in the home and that he is going to wait for his wife. He stated that he didn’t know who the male was but that his name is David and that he is a friend. He sounded somewhat confused.’

The police dispatch can then be heard declaring a ‘code 3’, the police radio code for an emergency.

Kyle Becker shared the audio of the 911 call from Paul Pelosi, where he names his attacker (“David”) and claimed he’s a “friend.”

During the  San Fransisco Police Press Conference, it was noted that both men were holding the hammer, and it wasn’t until police arrived Speaker Pelosi’s husband was attacked.

It also appears that a THIRD person was present at the Pelosi mansion at the time of the alleged break-in. Greg Price of Newsmax shared a screenshot of a Politico article revealing that a THIRD person opened the door to allow police to enter.

Curiously, a reporter was caught on a hot mic after the San Francisco Police Press Conference on Paul Pelosi speaking with his boss.

“Hey, so is this the dude that is a former nudist dude?”

“Yeah, okay, is it OK to say any of that stuff?”


The violent crime surge in San Francisco mirrors most Democrat-run cities that are soft on crime and is bound to harm residents across the economic and political spectrum. The unfortunate event also showcased untreated mental illness prevalent in the city. The incident piggybacks a viral video of Nancy Pelosi saying she would like to assault Donald Trump physically. Political leaders condoning physical violence sets a bad precedent for their constituents.

Finally, this tweet says it all…

In the Democrat-led, violent, drug-infested, lawless, and homeless city of San Fransisco, no one would have batted an eye if a story about two men fighting with hammers led to a bloody crime.  Ironically, it’s Nancy Pelosi’s lawless and far-left actions that have left her hometown in its current disgusting state.


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