San Francisco, formerly one of America’s great cities, has continued to decline with skyrocketing crime rates, public defecation, and vagrancy across the city.

Due to the increasing cost of housing in San Francisco, it faces a significant homelessness problem with almost 8 percent of the population living on the streets.

The city’s excellent solution to these problems is to create trash cans that will cost taxpayers $20,000 a piece.

There is no justifiable reason given for the price tag, but taxpayers should feel reassured knowing that once the trash cans are mass-produced, they will only cost a measly $3,000 a piece.  What a bargain.

Rather than addressing the city’s high poverty rate, part of the reason for the rollout of the expensive trash cans is to prevent homeless people from digging in the trash.


The Gateway Pundit Reports

San Francisco has commissioned a company to make the “perfect trash can” to clean up the city streets — and one of the prototypes cost taxpayers $20,000.

Along with the $20,000 model, the city also commissioned two other prototypes that cost $19,000 and $11,000 each.

“What takes four years to make and costs more than $20,000? A trash can in San Francisco,” the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

San Francisco residents will have the opportunity to try out six trash cans and vote on which ones they think are the best.

The city added three off the shelf models after facing outrage over the high cost of their custom designs.

There are currently over 3,000 public trash cans throughout the city.

Beth Rubenstein, a spokeswoman for San Francisco’s Department of Public Works, told the outlet that if one of the more expensive models is chosen it will cost taxpayers $2,000 to $3,000 each to mass produce.

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