What the heck! Former VP Al Gore met with Ivanka Trump and the president-elect today but no details on why they met. Speculation is that Gore was meeting with Ivanka Trump to discuss global warming…let’s hope that’s not the case. The other theory is that Gore was there to discuss bringing production of the Apple iPhone to the U.S. Gore is on the board at Apple…

Talk radio hosts went nuts with the news of Gore’s visit to Trump Tower today. Michael Savage was very disappointed but Rush Limbaugh gave the best comment:

“I’m gonna tell you something,” said Limbaugh. “If Trump goes south on climate change, that is just gonna be deeply disappointing and alarming because of what climate change is to the left. It’s everything, it’s everything they want and everything they believe and it’s almost everything they can get to achieve it, to accomplish it.”

“It’s one of the most bogus, hoax scams run on the people of the world. And it ought to be proven simply by the fact that it originates at the U.N. That’s all anybody ought to know or need to know.

We couldn’t agree more with Rush! It’s just upsetting that they would even want to speak with the phony who claims global warming is real…Yikes!

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