The bigger question is if Huma Abedin will take the fall for Hillary. Someone has to take the bullet so Clinton can continue her run for the long sought after Presidency. Abedin hasn’t even turned over her work-related e-mails for cryin’ out loud! 

Abedin’s lawyer Karen Dunn told Politico on Thursday that the longtime Clinton insider, who served as deputy chief of staff at State, plans to turn over her work-related emails and other messages from her tenure there by August 28.

But Dunn declined to say whether or not Abedin will ink the same statement Clinton has signed.

Abedin enjoyed a rare but legal status as a ‘Special Government Employee’ during part of her time in government, allowing her to double-dip with a second paycheck in the private sector.

That arrangement has led some Republicans to speculate that she might have exposed classified information to people who are not authorized to see it.

Abedin’s lawyers insist she’s complying with all relevant requests from the State Department and Congress. But Dunn did not respond to a request for comment on whether she sent and received classified information through an email address she used on the Clinton server.

Via: Daily Mail

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