Rep. Lauren Boebert posted a video of Nancy Pelosi getting into her car saying, “He’s such a moron” in response to reporter’s questions about GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s criticism of the new House mask mandate:

Rep. Boebert asked if “this is more of the unity that Joe Biden keeps talking about?” This is a great question since the Democrats claim to want unity, but continuously shame and name call Republicans. Just yesterday, Biden shamed unvaccinated Americans by implying they aren’t smart. Democrats insult all Americans by calling for masks to be worn and then letting covid-positive illegals roam America maskless. When they close the border, we’ll talk.

Watch Nancy Pelosi say, “He’s such a moron,” and then comment on what she said later at a press conference (video below).

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If Nancy Pelosi wants to talk about science, then she should study the many tests done that confirm masks are not effective (see below):

Pelosi just wants to continue the shutdown until the midterm elections. She’s the one who is rejecting the science.

Senator Ted Cruz spoke out today about the new mask mandate:

Very good! Senator Cruz nailed it!

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