John Kerry just made a pleasure trip to Vietnam one week before vacating his job as Secretary of State…Why couldn’t he make this trip AFTER he’s gone? He STILL represents America and American veterans who fought and died for us during the Vietnam War…was he just thinking of himself and his joyride throughout Vietnam? We’d like to hear from Vietnam vets on this one…

Vietnam has been at the centre of President Barack Obama’s Asia embrace, marked by the lifting of a wartime-era arms embargo, major growth in trade and the signing of the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact.

The TPP will be scrapped by Trump so why is Kerry even attempting a trip to Vietnam now? Why should the American taxpayers pay for Kerry’s “swansong”? This is all about John Kerry’s PERSONAL political beliefs and nothing more:

Viet Cong veteran Vo Ban Tam remembers the first time he crossed paths with John Kerry on the banks on the Bay Hap river, a day that ended in bloodshed.

Almost a half-century later, the now 70-year-old Mekong Delta shrimp farmer locked eyes with the US Secretary of State on Saturday and they warmly grasped hands in mutual respect.
Kerry returned to the Vietnam waterway at the end of a visit to the Communist nation, less than a week before he was to leave office, searching for the spot where he won a Silver Star for bravery as a young US Navy lieutenant.
On February 28, 1969, as the skipper of Swift Boat PCF-94, Kerry was patrolling when Vo Ban Tam’s unit launched an ambush.

So this trip was to find out more about Kerry’s supposed glory during the Vietnam war…What a putz!

Kerry should pay for his personal Swansong on his own dime!

Read more: Daily Mail 

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