A network of tunnels built by ISIS was discovered in a small Iraqi town. The tunnels were obviously to allow the fighters free movement and protection. American-made guns and ammo were found in the tunnels.

Below is a video of what’s inside, but the thing that’s the most important is in the surrounding area. Total atrocities committed by these barbarians! Mass graves were found where woman and children were killed. Horrible!

After pushing ISIS out of Sinjar, Peshmerga officials and local residents uncovered two mass graves in the area.
One, not far from the town’s centre, is estimated to hold 78 elderly women’s bodies.

The second grave, uncovered about nine miles west of Sinjar, contained between 50 and 60 bodies of men, women and children.

Mr Eado said that as Kurdish forces clear Sinjar of explosives, he expects to find more tunnels and evidence of atrocities.
‘It’s just a matter of time,’ he added.

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