“Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities”

As the Woke Democrats further try to drive a wedge between the state/schools and the family unit, a Wisconsin school district orders teachers not to share their students’ gender identity with parents.

Woke Wisconsin Eau Claire School District

From the Daily Mail:

A woke Wisconsin school district has instructed its teaching staff not to reveal pupils’ gender identities, should students reveal it to their teachers while in class.

The absurd instructions were explained to educators and included as part of staff development training with the Eau Claire School District.

Staff was specifically told that if a student told a staff member they were gay or transgender, they should not reveal such information to the child’s parents.

What this means for parents is, again, that they are losing control of their kids to the democrat state. Public schools are becoming an apparatus of the democrats to indoctrinate and groom children, hence the need for DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida.


Michael Johnson, the district’s superintendent, claims that the rule is to “ensure students feel safe particularly if they are ‘unable to be themselves’ while at home.”

Woke Wisconsin superintendent Michael Johnson

Thankfully, not all teachers and prospective board members are in agreement with this new rule. One parent and board candidate puts it succinctly.

‘They’re asking teachers not to communicate with parents about issues that pertain to their child,’ Everson said. ‘I’m responsible for my child until they move out or they’re 18 years old. And so I have the sole decision-making of what goes on with my child.

‘Talking to community members including staff members, including students, a lot of people are concerned. Our city is not being heard. People in our district are not being heard,’ Everson added.

And indeed it is parents, not teachers, who should have control over decisions regarding their child’s sexuality. With all of the grooming that goes on in schools, it is important that parents catch it early if their child develops sudden tendencies towards a differing sexuality.

True, some kids really are gay, but they normally don’t discover it until later in life. And certainly, they should not be taking actions towards their sexuality at a young age. Parents have a right to know.

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