Here we go again. Has Big Tech taken down another conservative social media source?

Social media has been hit with another take-down, and it is another conservative favorite. Parler is still trying to get back to normal after they were recently taken down.

Gab, a ‘Free Speech Social Network’ favored by conservatives, went offline Friday night, and its Twitter account also went down (screenshots below).

“What’s going on???”

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The buzz began when tweets about Gab’s website and its associated social media account went down at about 6:30 p.m. Eastern time.

One Twitter user claimed to be on Gab just before it went down and speculated that the site was hacked as a part of a cryptocurrency scam:

The website’s founder, Andrew Torba, has not commented on the issue. Is this another Big Tech takedown or just a maintenance issue?

Screenshots below from the Gab website and the Gab Twitter account:

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