The Today Show was the scene of a pretty tense interview where former POTUS Bill Clinton refused to admit he was wrong and refused to say he would personally apologize to Monica Lewinsky…some things never change. There must be something in the Clinton DNA that makes them unable to admit guilt.


Clinton was seen repeatedly chewing on his tongue as he was forced to listen to a question about his former fling Monica Lewinsky.

The Today Show’s Craig Melvin asked Clinton about the #MeToo movement. Melvin must not have gotten the memo that you don’t throw hardball questions to Slick Willy. He went there and asked about Monica Lewinsky and his scandal with the former White House intern….Ouch!

You could see the displeasure in his face as he sat listening…chewing on his tongue.

American Mirror reports:

It has strangely been a regular occurrence for the former president in recent years.

During a June 2017 appearance with George W. Bush, the 43rd president slouched in his chair, had wild eyes as he spoke and his hand quivered as he held the microphone.

Clinton also appeared to have sores on his lip and face, and during the question, he could be seen chewing on his tongue.

While campaigning in Iowa in early 2016, to rescue Hillary’s floundering presidential campaign, the former president’s hand could be seen trembling while he was making a point.

As he was explaining his wife’s rationale for invoking 9/11 to defend her ties to Wall Street, Clinton said, “She was making the point that the people devastated on 9/11 were people to her, not categories.”:

In 2013, Clinton denied having Parkinson’s.

“I have a condition that sometimes you get with aging,” Clinton said at the time, the Huffington Post reported. “You may have noticed it; my hand has a little tremor when I’m tired and a lot of people do when they’re older.”

“The first time it happened, I had to go get myself checked to make sure I didn’t have Parkinson’s [disease],” he said.

He said his doctor claimed he didn’t though Clinton didn’t say what condition he has.

As Clinton was on the stage in Philadelphia on the eve of the general election, he didn’t look like he was all there.

As both Chelsea Clinton and Michelle Obama spoke, the former president appeared spaced out, frequently chewing on his tongue.

Remember when the balloons dropped during the DNC Convention night? Bill was open-mouthed and fixated on the balloons in an abnormal way:

By now, pretty much everyone has seen pictures or video footage of Bill Clinton snoozing while Hillary gave her powerful speech filled with lies and empty promises.

bill sleeping

At times, Bill just couldn’t contain himself over the excitement of his beloved wife being coronated by a hostile crowd in Philly…

bill mouth

We watched him walk around the stage after Hillary’s coronation looking like he was in some type of stupor, but the footage of him with the little girl at the bottom really takes the cake.

Hillary’s loser brother was about to hit the balloon when he realized he was standing next to the queen and quickly retreated…

After watching Hillary’s regular coughing fits, and knowing that she has to travel with a full-time physician, shouldn’t American voters be asking themselves if either one of these aging grifters are well enough to occupy our White House?

Here’s Bill looking a little confused about why there are suddenly so many balloons around him:

Here’s Bill wishing Hillary would pay attention to him. Good luck Bill. Your best days are definitely behind you…

Here’s Bill after he seems to have captured a special big blue balloon with stars from the DNC celebration. Oh look, there’s a little girl who would love to hold that balloon…Oops! Not so fast little girl! That’s Bill Clinton’s balloon. The Clinton’s don’t give things away…they take them. Find your own balloon little girl…



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