This video is Exhibit 1 of what’s wrong with America’s black youth and their enabling parents. How many times have you heard, “My son was not violent”? It makes you wonder if these parents REALLY believe the absolute BS they’re spewing. Making excuses for bad behavior does NOTHING to help the child learn from mistakes and only gets the troublemaker killed or incarcerated. Taking responsibility for your actions has become a rare event these days because it’s much easier to point the finger at someone else. This is how it’s done in Obama’s America…


If this video made you as mad as it did me then you probably know about the wonderful woman who was murdered by this thug. Kerrie Orozco was a new mom and just an all around great police officer who really cared about her job and community. According to CNN, the woman whose life Wheeler callously cut short was a coach at the local Boys and Girls club, a Girl Scout leader, a Special Olympics Volunteer and a topnotch cop who served on the Omaha Police Department’s Fugitive Task Force.

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