Wheel of Fortune caved to the left and apologized for using what appeared to be “slaves” in a photo on the show on Thursday: “We regret the use of this background image, and we will be replacing it moving forward on any rebroadcast.” But wait! The people in the photo are tour guides and NOT slaves! This didn’t stop the goofballs on the left from freaking out on social media:

The eternally butt hurt left was abuzz over a photo taken in 2005 at Oak Valley Plantation. The left claimed it was a photo of slaves! As it turns out, the two women were in period costumes and happen to be tour guides at the historic plantation: A spokesperson for the plantation said, “The plantation employs a diverse range of people of all skin colors for tour guide roles. Even though they wear clothing indicative of the period, the actors who work at the plantation do not try to portray slaves.”

Get that? “The actors who work at the plantation DO NOT try to portray slaves”

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Can we move forward already? It’s like the left wants to keep us stuck in the past.

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