There aren’t too many stories that are more shameful or disturbing than this one. What has been done to fix the horrible quality of care our veterans have been receiving during Obama’s eight years in office? What would the VA look like today if Obama spent as much time trying to fix this broken health care system for our veterans as he spent trying to improve his golf swing or organizing with Black Lives Matter terrorists? 

If anyone thinks Hillary would do a better job with our vets and their health care, they only need to do is look at Benghazi to see how much she cares about members of our US Military. Hillary continues to brag about her failed efforts to inflict a similar government run health care system on every American…

A veteran took his own life in the parking lot of a VA hospital in Long Island, New York, over the weekend after he was allegedly denied an appointment with an ER doctor for his mental problems.

Peter Kaisen, 76, of Islip, was pronounced dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound outside Building 92 at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Sunday.

According to a note posted on a funeral home’s website, Kaisen was married, had children and grandchildren.

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The Suffolk County Police Department has confirmed that Kaisen had been a patient at the VA hospital but said nothing about a possible motive behind the suicide.

However, two hospital employees talking anonymously to the New York Times, which broke the story, revealed that Kaisen had been frustrated that he could not see a doctor in the emergency room, where he went to seek help related to his mental health.

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One of the sources told the paper that the 76-year-old veteran shot himself inside his car after being denied service in the ER.
The source wondered why Kaisen had not been sent to the hospital’s mental health center, or put in contact with a psychologist by phone.

‘Someone dropped the ball,’ the unnamed hospital staffer told The Times. ‘They should not have turned him away.’

The VA medical system, which serves nine million servicemen, has been under scrutiny since 2014, when it was revealed in a scathing report from the inspector general’s office that about 1,700 veterans at a Phoenix hospital faced chronic wait times and were ‘at risk of being lost or forgotten’.

The VA later confirmed that at least 35 veterans died while awaiting treatment in Phoenix.

VA officials in Phoenix were also accused of falsifying records to cover up the long wait times for medical appointments.

Entire story: Daily Mail

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