A guest post by Steve MacDonald of Blue State Conservative 

As we roll inexorably toward the midterm elections the Left has gotten a free pass on their fake J6 outrage and that has to end.

Should people have wrestled their way to the Capitol doors? No! But there is much speculation that the FBI and others planned to rile up the crowd and drive them to occupy the US Capitol. And they didn’t break-in, someone let them in. Someone told the Capitol Police to let them in.

But let’s pretend none of that is true.

What happened after? Nothing. Selfies, maybe a few souvenirs (petty theft?), trespassing in a public building. Only the Capitol police were armed. No one has been charged with a serious crime, not even the officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt.

If that’s the baseline the left has a big problem. Democrats advocated, pandered too, or underplayed attacks on minority businesses, minorities, arson, theft (looting, assault, rape, and murder). They held parades to support groups that were assaulting police stations, courthouses, occupying public buildings, and entire neighborhoods. Not over a few hours but for several months.

Many of their protesters were armed and a lot of people were injured or killed. The Democrat response? Deescalate police presence and political support for law and order which not only increased the likelihood of personal and property crime, in some minority neighborhoods crime rose as much as 500% and continue to do harm to people of color.

When the Left brings up J6, paint that picture.

Remind them about the State Capitol in Wisconsin. The White House Fence Breach. Texas. The Kavanaugh hearings, there’s quite a list. So-called democratic processes halted or disrupted by outraged leftists. None of them are in indefinite detention for trespassing. J6 is a meaningless distraction but Democrats will keep raising its specter uness you make it politically inconveninet to do so.

So, do that.

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