AREN’T YOU CURIOUS?…Where were they placed?

YOU are paying for this so why shouldn’t you know who and where these “refugees” are being placed? The truth is that YOU CAN find out everything! Please check out the Refugee Proceessing Center’s website where you can search your state or find out the number/nationality of the people coming to your state.

The refugee pipeline is still going strong since President Trump doesn’t have his people in place. We need help STAT to do something about the FLOOD  of mostly Muslim refugees coming to our shores!

Here (below) is the breakdown of nationalities (top 12) admitted by the Trump Department of State which is still largely being run by the bureaucrats because, at least for the department of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), there is still no Trump appointee running the bureau.

Simon Henshaw is the person responsible for the shocking announcement last week that the number of refugees arriving per week are going to jump dramatically.***

Department of State –Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Office of Admissions – Refugee Processing Center Refugee Arrivals by State
From October 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017


Here are the top 12 sending countries:

DR Congo (2,579) The Obama Administration promised the UN we would take 50,000 and we are getting pretty close now.

Burma (2,083) A whopping 541 of these are Muslim Rohingya

Iraq (1,711)

Syria (1,626)

Somalia (1,564)

Ukraine (1,275)

Bhutan (1,104)

Eritrea (765)

Iran (751)

Sudan (406)

El Salvador (392) Not refugees, these are the result of a special illegal program Obama set up!

Afghanistan (385)

The map below is difficult to read so please go to this link to see it more clearly and to get a complete list by state: Arrival Reports  fiscal year 2017




***15,726 is about 874 refugees a week entering the US since Trump was inaugurated. The number will be jumping to 1,500 a week shortly.

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