Maria Bartiromo makes a great point about Kamala Harris’ absence during the takeover of Afghanistan by the terrorist Taliban. Harris has been MIA during the takeover and hasn’t spoken out against the treatment of women by the Taliban.

Women are being beaten and killed by the Taliban, but it’s crickets from Harris.

“Who is addressing the state of women right now, okay? Afghan women are fading from public view. Fear of the Taliban and uncertainty prevails. Headline in the Wall Street Journal this morning, women are being forced to cover their faces once again; where is the outrage? Where are all the so-called women champions? Where is Kamala Harris? She went nuts over the trial…the impeachment trial over the Supreme Court Justice. Where is she today? Where is AOC on the fact that women are forced to fade from public view, cover-up? Not a peep out of this administration. The state of women today in Afghanistan …disgusting. You’re not a woman champion because you champion Democrat women, okay?”

Why has Harris been silent on Afghanistan? Is she trying to save her own political future by staying out of this epic foreign policy and military failure?

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