On Thursday, Dementia Joe got up during a live interview with MSNBC and wandered off the set.

During a rare live interview, Joe Biden sat down with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and answered softball questions for 20 minutes, mostly about the Supreme Court ruling to end affirmative action.

Just before the interview was about to end, Biden stood up from his chair, shook Wallace’s hand, and slowly walked away.

Biden was torn apart on social media for his odd exit from the interview.

Scott Walker, the former Governor of Wisconsin, tweeted a clip of the video and wrote, “The Biden Presidency in one clip”

Political commentator Nicholas Fondacaro wrote, “Bathroom run? Biden gets out of his seat before the commercials start and awkwardly walks off-set.”

The interview itself was not one of much substance, as Wallace spent most of her time gushing over Biden and avoiding all difficult topics.

“This is very exciting for us,” said the giggling MSNBC host.

Biden then slowly explained what he meant by his earlier comments that the Supreme Court is not “normal.”

WATCH the full interview:

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