The media has ignored the horrible behavior coming from the far left goons at the first anniversary of the Charlottesville protests. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Abolish ICE and Communist protesters took to the streets to cause chaos and violence (SEE VIDEO BELOW) but where was CNN reporting? It was crickets from the fake news media because they couldn’t twist this one…it was all the left. Stephen Miller said it best when he called out the media for their silence:

While everyone makes claims that President Trump is racist and dividing the country, the REAL dividers and racists are the groups who attended this protest. They don’t want peace…they want unrest because they believe it’s all for the greater good. We’ve seen example after example of violence towards Republicans and Conservative activists yet the media keeps on with the narrative that Trump and his supporters are the bad guys.

What this comes down to is that the left is still butthurt over losing the election. It’s fueled by the fake news from CNN and other outlets who keep claiming that somehow Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. The press and racial leftists are counting on the electorate to buy their propaganda and not think for themselves. The CNN’s of the world truly are the enemy of the people because they’re fomenting hate and division in America in order to destroy President Trump.


Antifa was showing their true intent today with hate towards the police officers sent to protect them on the first anniversary of the Charlottesville protests. The only protesters who showed up are the commies and extremely violent Antifa goons. It’s ironic that the police are there to keep these goons from getting into a violent brawl yet they protest against the cops by calling them “Klansman”. In a video below, you will see a police officer who was attacked by a group shouting “Black Lives Matter”.

Earlier today the protesters were shouting “All cops are racist”

The signs from earlier today are disgusting:

2 signs tonight at leftist protests in Charlottesville “Last Year They Came w/ Torches This Year They Come w/ Badges” “Behind Every Cop a Klansman” I’ll grow cobwebs before the MSM calls those disgusting signs out

A police officer was attacked by a group chanting “Black Lives Matter”…watch how they drag the officer and start to beat him before they were stopped:

The protesters were very aggressive towards the media and were chanting anti-capitalist slogan:

“ah anti anticapitalista”

The anti-cop slogans and chants could be heard from the crowd of protesters:

This guy didn’t have a mask on and didn’t want to be filmed:


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