In September of 2016, 3 separate reports of racist graffiti that was sprayed on the walls of Eastern Michigan University were made by students. Students voiced their anger over the graffiti on their campus and held large protests demanding answers to what they considered to be a problem the university needed to fix.  

One of three incidents of graffiti painted on the EMU campus is pictured above.

The angry students on the EMU campus responded by storming the college football field, they blocked traffic, they stormed the library with loud and disruptive protests, and they also held large protests on campus, with chants of “We’ve got to fight back!”

Controversial Times reported that students were demanding “answers” and that they didn’t care who did it! “I am highly upset about the actions that took place on this wall. I want answers. I want to know what EMU is going to do outside of just removing the writing. These are the type of hate crimes we are just sick of. I want to know how is EMU going to make me feel comfortable to be at this institution,” said Zachary Badger-House, EMU student, Media Studies and Journalism major.

“We need answers! The people in power know how we feel, so at this point it doesn’t matter who did it, or if there is a reward for information regarding this incident. What matters is the fact that this happened on our campus, and that covering it up was the only solution they could think of at the time. It isn’t enough. It’s one thing for these actions to happen somewhere in the world, but it is happening right here on our campus,” said Armani Davis, EMU student, Social Work major.

It has now been reported by Ypsilanti, MI police that the person who is responsible for the “hate crime” has been arrested, and is in their custody. Eddie Curlin, 29, a black student who studied at the school from 2014 to 2016, is the person responsible for the “racist” graffiti aimed at black students.

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According to a statement from the university, Curlin is already serving a sentence in jail on an unrelated charge.

“The suspect, identified as Eddie Curlin, is a former student at Eastern who attended from 2014 to early 2016,” the school’s statement read. “He is currently in custody of the Michigan Department of Corrections serving a one-to-five year sentence on an unrelated charge of receiving and concealing stolen property.”

Yesterday, the President of EMU, James Smith spoke with local Detroit WJR radio host, Guy Gordon to discuss the arrest of the black man who spray-painted the “racist” graffiti. Smith told Gordon that the incident has caused the school to take a big hit in admissions. 

Where’s the mainstream media that was all over this story when it happened?

Who will apologize for the disruptive actions of these protesters who assumed that the person responsible was a white person?

Black Lives Matter protesters stormed an EMU football game to demand justice:

Protesters on the campus at EMU blocked traffic:

Protesters stood in front of campus buildings and chanted, “We’ve got to fight back!” Who, are they going to “fight back” now that law enforcement has discovered a black man painted the “hate speech” graffiti on the campus walls?

This student got “chills” as she watched BLM terror groups rip through quiet libraries banging drums and screaming, “No justice, no peace!” Now that a black man has been identified as the person who spray-painted the hateful graffiti against blacks, will they return to the library to apologize to the students they threatened with their disruptive behavior?

This student led a chant with other students shouting, “We have nothing to lose but our chains!”

Breitbart News – Naturally, the university launched a series of programs assuming that the perpetrator of the incidents was a white racist. The events included a day-long “teach-in” on racism and diversity, as well as vigils to show support for minority students and other events.

Although the suspect is black, the school has vowed to continue its renewed diversity programs.

No motive for the attack has been released, but Chief Heighes called the attacks “totally self-serving” and not “driven by politics or race.”

But of course, they can’t determine a motive…


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