The fashion world has completely ignored our impeccably dressed First Lady Melania Trump from the beginning of President Trump’s term in office. It’s in complete contrast to Michelle Obama being on the cover of any and all magazines during her time in the White House. The fashion magazines have shot themselves in the foot by not capitalizing on displaying the beauty and grace of our first lady. It’s their loss.

The fashion magazines have gone the way of real news by pushing a leftist agenda. That’s why it makes perfect sense that Kamala Harris would be on the cover of a fashion magazine right before the VP debate.

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The Deputy Editor at ELLE magazine tweeted out and hopefully will be bombarded with people asking why they haven’t put Melania on the cover:

These women either have no clue or don’t care that there are millions of women who would buy a magazine with First Lady Melania Trump’s face on the cover.

Their loss.

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